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As a 6 years experience video streaming solution provider andone of China largest Internet TV hardware/software supplier, DIBDVB Technology was founded in year 2009, With over 2,000 deployments for over 20 global business cooperators, dedicated in the area of video streaming for over 6 years, DIBDVB has proven expertise and experiencein delivering advanced technology infrastructure to mobile operator,internet TV provider and PC terminal in hospitality market. Located at the high and new technology zone of Hangzhou, DIBDVB possesses predominance of talent and technique resource. It togethered intelligent and experienced expert and designer,and backed up by a dynamic team of over 50 excellent staff. Owning independent intellectual property of all products, DIBDVB provides professional DVB, IPTV/OTT solution andcomplete equipment covering in encoding,transcoding&distribution. DIBDVB covers the part of main market share in China. Products and system have been exported to European Union, South and North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and etc,had accumulated much successful case.
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